August 30, 2015

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about anglia investigator

A team of experienced private investigators, always ready to work on your behalf

We appreciate that considering the hiring of a private detective or investigator is usually the result of anxiety or worry about a situation, individual behaviour and the like. There are a range of occasions where such services might be required:

• In your private life – such as worrying about a partner’s infidelity, or in advance of nerve-wracking child custody or maintenance hearings. You might wish us to trace a missing relative, or find out who is calling on, or using, your telephone.

• In business and commercial situations – this might be in dealing with regular sickness absences, competitive activity, where injury or insurance claims have been made, or theft or fraud is suspected. Landlords might also need to check on the behaviour of their tenants.

• Both home and business premises – in Ipswich, Norwich, Essex or other town and country locations across East Anglia, home or business premises might need to be checked for bugging devices, or you may need to know who owns a certain vehicle. It might be important to recover text messages or data from a mobile phone.

Six key reasons why our Anglia Investigator Team is the one to choose

There are many key reasons why individuals, companies and organisations choose our team for work such as that mentioned above:

• Experience: each member of our carefully chosen private investigator and detective team has a minimum of a decade of experience within their specific area of expertise.

• Local knowledge: covering the whole of East Anglia means our team knows how to operate in city locations such as Colchester, Ipswich and Norwich, as well as smaller towns, tiny villages and even truly remote areas. Without this knowledge, people can stick out like a sore thumb in many places across Norfolk or Suffolk, whereas our people simply blend in!

• Technology: the range of equipment and devices available to private detective and investigator companies is ever-changing and improving. Anglia Investigation Agency is committed to using the most efficient, modern equipment, including the latest in remote device technology, which often has the added benefit of reducing client costs.

• Trusted relationships: technology greatly assists our operations, but we know that the human touch is at the heart of everything we do. Often, using our services is the result of anxiety, worry, even anger. We build a close, discreet, relationship with every client. We will understand exactly what you need of us, explain what we can do, and agree a clear plan. To maintain confidentiality, we will also agree how and when we can contact you, although you can be in touch with us whenever you want to be.

• Diligent: our commitment is to leave no stone unturned as we investigate on your behalf. Our team of private detectives and investigators come from diverse backgrounds, but each one truly understands that they are problem solvers on your behalf.

• Recommendation: as well as having many clients who use us on a repeated basis, over half of our new business comes through the recommendation of current or past satisfied customers.

What can our skills achieve on your behalf?

Whatever your anxious personal predicament or worrying business scenario, the first step is simple. Contact us for an obligation free initial conversation; your chance to explain your concerns and discover what actions could be taken. Telephone 07494 178 247, contact us here,  or just start an online chat with one of our private detective and investigation team. We’re ready now to provide discreet and confidential problem solving assistance across East Anglia.

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