September 23, 2015

Bugging & Tracking


Which of the following situations might apply to you?

There are times when it’s vital to be able to understand where an individual is going, or what they are saying. Here are just five questions covering some of the many possible scenarios, which might be similar to a situation you are concerned about…

• Do you want covert tracking where a suspiciously acting partner is moving around the Norwich area?
• Are you anxious about the safety of your older children in and around Colchester?
• Do you wish to ensure that an elderly relative in Essex is safe and well?
• Is there a need to keep tabs on someone offering care services in Suffolk?
• Are you wondering where an employee gets to as they represent your company across the county of Essex?

Many other situations also offer valid reasons for considering the use of bugging and tracking devices right across East Anglia. Their use can help confirm your worst thoughts. Equally, this might well allay any fears you may have. This can concern a personal situation or business activity. Such reasons aren’t just about investigating negative or worrying situations. Our vehicle tracking devices can also be used to keep tabs on the safety of staff members. This is particularly important for those who might be working alone. Others may be covering unsocial hours shifts, or visiting remote and less welcoming locations. This is particularly true not simply across Ipswich, Norwich and Essex city locations, but also in parts of rural Suffolk, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire.

12 important things to know about the bugging or tracking devices supplied by Anglia Investigation Agency

• These devices, such as our virtually undetectable vehicle trackers, can easily be viewed, listened to, or tracked, from any location.
• A seasoned and professional operative will advise where best to place such devices, whether in a vehicle, home or business premises. We will also provide clear operational guidance.
• The devices we use and recommend are the latest and best choices we can find on the market.
• They are quick to install – usually between five and 15 minutes gets the job done.
• Once installed, these silent devices can be accessed 24 hours a day.
• Devices can be as small as a matchbox for a car tracker, or cleverly disguised as an everyday home or office electrical item.
• These devices require neither charging nor maintenance, and are supplied with a full 2-year warranty.
• They are as easy to operate from your mobile phone as it would be to send a text message.
• Once installed, you are the only person who can gain access to the information they provide.
• These devices can be used for either temporary and short-term actions, or to meet your ongoing surveillance and tracking needs.
• Our teams operate anonymously. There is no logo or other identifying markings on our vans or staff uniforms.
• There are no ongoing monthly costs or annoying service charges for our bugging devices. You simply pay a one-off fee covering both the product and our installation services.

How Anglia Investigation Agency works for you

As you would expect, we are committed to complete discretion and utter confidentiality. We use only ethical and legitimate methods of covert deployment, in the use of spy trackers to conduct surveillance delivering operations. This is reflected in our hugely experienced team. Most of our operatives come to us after performing impressively in their military or police careers.

It’s doesn’t matter where you are based in East Anglia or beyond. It isn’t important where the tracking or bugging technology needs to be put to work on your behalf. Our Anglia Investigation Agency experts are ready to listen to your concerns. We will make valuable, experience-based recommendations. We’ll expertly set the specific surveillance or tracking technology in place. This will allow you to then check whatever actions by another party you need to understand.

You have visited this page because you have concerns. We can help you discover the truth of the matter. We can also help you to protect individuals who are important to you, either personally or at work. Call 07494 178 247 at any time for a free and no obligation conversation about how we can help you learn what you need to know.

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