September 24, 2015



Proving cohabitation…

Anglia Investigator gathers evidence to prove cohabitation in many cases every week, our evidence is most commonly used in divorce matters or to support an application to adjust child maintenance payments. Our cohabitation reports are also used by landlords who wish to prove their tenant is in breach of contract by having a third-party living at the property without permission.

We understand that every scenario is different so each case is appointed an experienced case manager who will discuss your circumstances and advise the best course of action to prove cohabitation.

In cases where you are due a maintenance payment review hearing and you suspect your ex partner may be cohabiting don’t leave it too late to contact us, the judge will expect to see evidence gathered on three separate visits and the longer the time between visits the more chance you have that the judge will accept cohabitation is taking place.

In most cases our clients are fully aware that their ex partner or tenant is cohabiting but can’t prove it. Our tried and tested methods of investigation backed up by our cohabitation reports are regularly used in court and have proven to be successful.

Our proof of cohabitation reports contain photographic proof and a fully detailed report of our investigation including any evidence gathered from social media searches, public record searches, financial record searches and where possible evidence gathered from neighbours and employers. (employers and neighbours will never be contacted without your consent)

If you would like to find out more about our proof of cohabitation reports, contact us today for a free no obligation consultation with one of our experienced case managers.

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