September 23, 2015

Landlord Services


We provide a complete range of services to both private landlord and commercial landlord. Whether you have a problem tenant who is mistreating or conducting illegal activities at your property or you are considering renting a property to a new tenant and need a thorough background check conducted we can help.

Rogue Tenants

Do you have a problem tenant?

We can conduct surveillance to provide evidence of illegal activity, antisocial behaviour and breach of contract, where necessary we can discreetly contact neighbours and in cases where they are being affected by the tenants behaviour gather witness statements. Evidence gathered by us has enabled many landlords to obtain an accelerated possession order on their property and evict tenants quickly

In cases where illegal activity is being carried out simply presenting the tenants with the evidence gathered and advising them of our intention to inform the authorities often results in them vacating the premises immediately.

Background Checks

Many landlords chose to rent their properties through a letting agent or property management company, whilst these companies in most cases provide a professional efficient service all too often they fail to conduct adequate background checks on new tenants. This happens for many reasons but is usually due to the agents desire to fill the property as quickly as possible.

Allowing the managing agent to conduct background checks on potential tenants is has an obvious conflict of interest especially when so many agents offer a guaranteed rent option to landlords.

In the commercial property market many agents simply conduct financial checks on the company wishing to rent the property not its directors. Our service gathers information not only on the company and its directors but also on any other companies they own or have owned in the past.

Checking the backgrounds of your potential tenants with us could save you thousands in legal costs, unpaid rent and damage to your property.

Skip Tracing

Has your tenant left the property without paying rent or having caused damage?

Our skip tracing team are able to track down and confirm the new address of these rogue tenants enabling you to make a claim against them in court. When require we can gain photographic evidence to confirm their residency at their new address.

This service is on a No Find No Fee basis and in most cases gets results in less than 48 hours

Subletting & Co Habitation

Is your tenant subletting or has moved a partner in without permission?

If you suspect your tenant may be renting out a room or even the whole property we can find out, we are able to gather photographic, video, audio and in many cases documented proof to prove if your suspicions are correct.

In most cases the tenants make very little effort to cover up this breach of contract considering it to be a “victimless crime” but where the rent is being paid for by housing benefit the biggest risk is to the landlord because if benefit payments are stopped it’s the landlord who ends up paying for the expensive eviction process whilst receiving no rent potentially for months.

Property Inspections

Is your managing agent conducting regular inspections on your property and are they reporting any damage to you?

We conduct property inspections on your behalf and provide you with an accurate account of the property condition and highlight any breach of contract we uncover. These inspections can be conducted whilst wearing covert audio & video recording equipment enabling you to see for yourself what state your property is in. These inspections often highlight any neglect to the property and help landlords to make an informed decision whether to extend or renew a tenancy agreement.

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